A break from weddings and portraits

I suppose that after updating my website, I should probably post something about not doing weddings or portraits at this time. Since I first started my business in 2009 I put weddings on the top of my list of services. I wanted to make sure I had good income should the possibility of getting laid off from my Fresno Bee job came true. At the time newsrooms were slimming down due to industry challenges and it was a real concern.

I feel that after 10 years I got pretty good at weddings and portraits. They were a lot of fun too, but also a little exhausting. Long work days and hours of editing made them quite an effort. But mostly it was taking vacation days from The Bee or using a free weekend to shoot a wedding or portrait session that wore me down. There was just something not right about using a vacation day to do more work.

So after 10 years I still have my staff job at The Bee and it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere just yet. It appears I’ve weathered the worst of it, at least for now. This is why I decided that I don’t need to run myself ragged on weekends (and nights editing) after a long week of work. And now that Carmen and I are together I want to enjoy life and have some fun with her.

I’ve put all my prior wedding and portrait posts on private at this time and likely won’t accept any inquiries for those, at least in the near future.

If the time comes where I do need to make extra income from weddings, I know I’ll be ready. But for now, I’m hiking, traveling, relaxing and enjoying my freedom.

Here’s a video featuring some drone action during the Three Rivers weekend getaway Carmen and I went on. I’m hoping to get away and enjoy my weekends more often now that my wedding and portrait photography is on hiatus for now.
Time to chill in a hammock




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