Tracy & Abel: Engaged

Mill Creek Park in Bakersfield provided the backdrop for Tracy and Abel’s engagement photography session.

Since I’ll be the photographer for Tracy and Abel’s wedding in Bakersfield next month and she needed a photo of the two of them for the reception area we met up recently to do kind of a mini-session at Mill Creek Park in Bakersfield.

They asked if they could bring their dog Etta James, and I of course welcomed her to the session. Dogs are awesome! And there’s no more awesome dog that Etta James. It was fun to watch her fearlessly check out the park and anybody who happened to be around. She’s also a good photo subject.

Tracy and I used to work together at The Bee before she moved over to PG&E so it was great to do some catching up with her. Nice to hear that she’s doing well. I hadn’t met Abel before and he’s sure a nice guy too. We had a great time in the short hour of photos we did on a pretty warm morning. It was even better to share a beer with them after the session. But now I’m even more amped up for the wedding next month. Can’t wait!