Lila One-Year Portraits

Galoostian Park in Sanger was the perfect setting for one-year-old Lila’s milestone portrait photos.

Lila is the daughter of Cynthia and Julio, whose wedding I photographed back in 2014. Their daughter was turning one year old and they wanted to commemorate the milestone with some photos.

We met up at Galoostian Park in Sanger since it was pretty much the halfway point between our locations. It didn’t matter to me where we met really, but I did always like Galoostian Park and thought it would be a nice place to take photos.

Cyndi brought along a couple of changes of clothes for Lila as well as some books and her favorite rabbit toy. She also had some serious firepower – bubbles to blow as a distraction.  I brought a little gingerbread man chair that our boys used when they were little. I also brought a horse stick toy that I though we could get some smiles from Lila with. It worked.

She was a real champ during the shoot and we had time to make quite a few nice photos in both outfits. In a short couple of months Lila is expected to have a sibling around. Maybe in another year it will be time to update?