Fresno Family Portraits

Fun family portaits in Mike and Tanya’s family home.

I was fortunate enough to be asked again to do family portraits for my good friends Mike and Tanya in Fresno. I had done some shots with their first son and while she was expecting the second so I was flattered to be asked back.

Last time we took photos at Avocado Lake, which I think is a great spot for photos, particularly late in the afternoon. But this time we decided to do a quicker session at their home. This is a really good idea for young families and I encourage them to¬†first think about their¬†homes as the location for family portraits. This way younger kids feel a little more relaxed and less distracted than if they went somewhere new and different to them. They also have their toys and games which makes for great settings for natural photos. It’s obviously easier for mom and dad too since they’re not packing up a bunch of things to take on location.

We also chose to do the session fairly early on a Sunday morning. This was great for them because the kids had only been up a short time and were fairly cooperative for photos. Later in the day is a lot of times a different story. I also chose the morning, about 1-1/2 hours after sunrise, so that we have better light than in the middle of the day. Taking them an hour or so before sunset would be great too, but then you have that end-of-the-day problem with young kids again. Some people also don’t realize how good natural light can be inside the house at this time too. I don’t use lighting equipment for most family portrait sessions so I depend on pretty good light coming from through the windows. Morning or late afternoons are good for that.