Hot air balloons take flight at ClovisFest & Hot Air Balloon Fun Fly.

After 15 years as a resident of Clovis, I thought it was finally time to see the balloon launch for ClovisFest in 2014.

I can’t  believe I’ve missed doing this for so long. I’ve been to the kick-off event (for The Bee) which is done with mostly media and only one balloon a day before the real ClovisFest celebration, but that’s nothing compared to this. Seeing eight balloons take off with hundreds (thousands?) of people watching was really pretty cool. I guess it was the 6am alarm on a Saturday that kept me from ever doing it. And my kids were never into checking it out either.

So since I my schedule had me free in the morning, I thought I would take a run out to the Clovis Rodeo Grounds and finally check it out. It was about as cool as you can imagine. The air was cool and very comfortable in the predawn moments just a day away from fall. As the sun began to peak over the mountains, the balloons began to inflate and catch the warm colored rays of light.  In minutes, the balloons were a flight and hovering above clovis. There were photographers galore out there so it was tough to stay out of people’s shots, but it really was a cool event for families.

Glad I went.