Cityscapes: Downtown Los Angeles

Spectacular nighttime view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline.

I had never been to Dodger Stadium and as a Giants fan, I thought it would be a great to finally check it out in the middle of the pennant race between the two rivals. I dropped in to visit my son, Randy, who is attending school in LA so it worked out as a good father-son get-together too. I was very impressed with Dodger Stadium – it is really quite amazing, especially since it’s older than me. But then again, it’s no AT&T Park either. I was equally impressed with the view of the downtown Los Angeles city skyline from the parking lot. I was glad I brought along my camera so that I could make a couple of long exposure night shots after the game.

The game didn’t end quite as well as I had hoped. The Giants couldn’t muster much in the way of hitting from the middle of their lineup and that Zack Greinke was just too much for us. I did still enjoy seeing the game and visiting my son but it was also cool to take a little souvenir back too – that evening shot of LA.

We were parked right next to the edge of the cliff where we had a great view of the city so while everyone else was stuck in a unmoving line of traffic, I set up my Canon 5D, tripod and cable release. In between 2 minute exposures, I was asked to take photos of folks walking by with their cell phones. Apparently I wasn’t the only one caught with the impressive view.