Autumn in Yosemite Print Sale

Autum in Yosemite print sale ends November 30th.

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but having fine things takes time! If you have a Yosemite lover on your Christmas list – or maybe a landscape photography enthusiast – or maybe you just have a big blank spot on you living room wall – I’ve got a deal that you might be interested in. I am going to be making prints of my Autumn in Yosemite HDR image from 2 years ago at a special price – a 16×24 mounted on mat board for only $99 plus tax.

The image was taken in the fall of 2-14 on the Merced River. It is a wide angle view from low on the water looking up from the river rocks and a fallen log out toward El Capitan as the sun sets, giving the famous landmark a golden glow. The image was done in a traditional HDR style – meaning it is several exposures with different settings combined to enrich the texture and bring out the fine details of the scene.

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, shoot me your contact info and we’ll get the order done online. After that I’ll have the print processed, packaged and sent to your home. Sound good? If you want to get in on stuff like this earlier, or make sure you don’t ever miss out, subscribe to my newsletter.