President Barack Obama Visits Fresno

President Barack Obama visits the Central San Joaquin Valley to discuss the severe drought in California and areas affected by it.

I spent Valentine’s Day out at the airport covering President Barack Obama’s visit to the Central San Joaquin Valley for The Fresno Bee. He came in to talk to leaders about the severe drought California is having and visit some of the areas being affected by it. Airport duty isn’t the most glamorous place to be for a presidential visit, but I’ll take it. This is only the second president I’ve ever covered in my career. The first was President Bill Clinton when he visited Sequoia National Park. I photographed George Bush the second, but that was before he was president, so that doesn’t really count. So it was nice to be a part of the Fresno Obama visit.

Although it was a long day of waiting, I was pretty happy with the images I got of the president in the few minutes he was here. I’d happily do it again. These are the days that I feel really lucky to be a newspaper photographer.