iPhone Panorama Rainbow

My iPhone panorama app allowed me to capture a spectacular shot of a beautiful rainbow over Downtown Fresno.

This is one of those being in the right place at the right time photographs. This fact doesn’t bother me too much since it almost never happens to me. I’ll take it when I can get it. Really! It’s the truth. I feel like I’m always a minute too late or somebody gets in my way or something else just isn’t right in a photographic situation. But this time, thanks to the iPhone panorama app everything worked out.

While working on another weather photo in the Fresno Bee newsroom, I got word that there was an awesome full rainbow visible directly over downtown Fresno. I took a look and agreed it was worth running up to the roof to get a shot. Once I started shooting I became frustrated that the rainbow arc was too wide to fit within the 24mm view of my DSLR. Colleague Jeff Gledhill, who happen to be up on the roof taking photos too, heard me complaining about my situation. He said he just used his iPhone on pano mode so he could get the whole rainbow. Hrmm, I thought. I hadn’t really messed with that too much, but it sounded like a good idea. So I put down my $3,000 Nikon and held up my camera phone and swiped it across the sky. I was amazed at how it captured the complete rainbow and how seamless the image was. This could work!

So I went back downstairs and showed it to an editor who alerted the copy desk that we had a photo for A1. It wasn’t too surprising to me to have an iPhone image make the paper since I had done it once before. I also posted it to our Fresno Bee Photography Facebook page where it got over 500 likes and 250 shares. Some kind of a record for us I think.

It’s nice when everything comes together like that. Wish I could use only my iPhone on assignments. It would be a lot better for my back. Maybe someday…