Video website production: Play.Create.Grow


I recently began doing some limited video website production for marketing clients in Fresno. This is among the first, which was done through Nettra Digital Marketing for Play.Create.Grow, a children’s books and activities company in Fresno. This will become a background video that will run on the company’s website without sound. Apparently, it’s a popular effect for a lot of company websites. Since I have been doing so much video journalism for The Bee, I’m hoping to use that expertise to expand my business in offering video production.

For this video we spend part of a day in Woodward Park and a home in Fresno photographing kids either reading books or participating in activities or crafts that are based on products from the┬álocal children’s book company.

In the end I think we did a pretty good job with this. I’m sure the effect will be quite eye-catching on their site. I can’t wait to see it when it goes live.

Below is the Play.Create.Grow video, which was edited and produced by Nettra Digital Marketing in Fresno.