JULIA Boutique

Commercial photography for JULIA Boutique, a jewelry and accessories store in the River Park Shopping Center in Fresno, California.

JULIA Boutique is a jewelry and accessories store located at the River Park Shopping Center. They recently asked me to do some boutique photography of the merchandise in their store as well as the store location itself to help gets some online traction through shoptiques.com.

I always think it’s a smart move for store owners to get professional photography for their stores to help make their merchandise really stand out. Professional business photography will provide images with  clear, sharp focus and good lighting and give them a professional edge. It’s worth it to spend a few bucks because viewers who see quality photography will be more inclined to click and potentially buy.

While it’s always a great idea for businesses to use professionally designed marketing and websites, the single most important part of presenting your business online is going to be the photography. You can even have a sharp, well-designed website with professional copy writing and slick features, but poorly lit or blurry photography will turn people off right at the get-go.

I can totally understand why some business owners would prefer to go with “Uncle Bob” to do their photography. He needs something to do, right? And you can’t beat free. But the problem is, is that the Canon Rebel he got for Christmas isn’t going to cut it. You need professional cameras with high megapixel output to produce high level images. And beyond that, you have to have lenses, lighting and a creative eye to make those images pop. You’re only going to get that from a professional photographer.

The shop owners at JULIA Boutique at River Park had the forethought to hire a professional for their boutique photography because they know what’s going to attract business. I hope JULIA sees some quick rewards from their decision to do so.