As a longtime assignment photographer, I have learned a thing or two about making commercial photography to put your business or company in your best light. Over the last few years I have worked on many projects with Fresno area business to create moving images on point with the right message. I am prompt, skilled and experienced to get the right pop for a visual connection with the community and the world.

Having a great functioning website is one thing, but the photography is what people will notice first. I appreciate clients who know this and are willing to collaborate with me for the best, most eye-catching photography with a professional look.

Whether is be products or the people behind the work, I want to help you with your focus and promote your brand. My photographs have been considered iconic with lasting impressions. This could be the difference between a struggling business and one looking to really take off.

I have experience photographing corporate head shots, food, farming, outdoors and indoors as well as products and people in action. My expertise is being able to photograph real people in their environment to help drive home a hardworking business  brand. Sometimes a message requires more of a conceptual approach. I have experience with that as well.

My commercial photography starts at $800 for business or retail photography which includes three retouched digital images of your choice. Product photography is $800 for up to 10 items and includes digital images. Head shots are $250 and include one digital file. Real estate or architectural photography starts at $250 and includes one digital file.   These are just starting points as each situation is different. Please call or fill out the contact form so that we can discuss the right photography strategy and licensing for the work for your business.

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